WSL lets you install Linux terminal and run it within Windows. It's not 100% identical to running a dedicated Linux box, but it's super iseful and helpful for day-to-day tasks when in Windows and doens't require a VM. I run Ubuntu and Debian.

Set up Ubuntu

The WSL Docs will contain the latest set up and isntall steps to get Ubuntu on your machine. Personal to me I like to set up the following:

Notify-Send replacement

notify-send is a little tool to send a notification from your terminal. Stuart Leeks has written a tool to get this working in WSL2 and sending a notification to the Windows Toast notification.
Handy for long-running processes, when I want to know if they're finished, e.g.:
terraform apply --auto-approve; notify-send "Terraform apply complete"

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Set up Ubuntu
Notify-Send replacement