Below you will find all the notes I made. I continuously update them and I use them myself for my own reference. I try to write things and structure them so everyone can benefit from reading them or even reference what I know easily and quickly.

Each folder is a topic that can include other topics under it related to the parent topic.

If this is your first time visiting this wiki, you can just start reading from the top entry down and see what sparks your interest.

I will be updating this wiki quite often as I use it myself daily both to keep an account of things I know as well as things I want to know and everything in-between.

If you find a mistake, especially if something that I say is plain wrong, please fork this repository and make a PR with correct changes. Or open an issue saying what you think is wrong.

Aside from GitBook search above, you can also use GitHub file & text searches.

Content Structure

Each topic will have a title, some description of it, usually my own thoughts and knowledge on it as well as referencing some resources or links I have liked or used that helped me either understand the topic or gain appreciation of it.

The structure of each of the posts will often look roughly like this:

  1. Title

  2. Description - My thoughts on the topic.

  3. Subtopics - Various subtopics related to the main topic.

  4. Notes - My own personal notes on the matter as well as things I found interesting on the internet regarding the topic. I often give a link of where I got things from.

  5. Code - Code snippets.

  6. Links - Links related to the topic.

If you are interested in how I maintain and write this wiki, I wrote about it in detail here.


Heavily inspired by this wiki:, super awesome work and a great starting point for my own workflow.

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